April 21, 2022


HousingWire’s Real Estate News coverage focuses on the top information that agents, teams and brokerages need to know. From the impact of low housing inventory on the market to the future of crypto in real estate, plus updates on housing data, such as home sales and home prices, HousingWire has you covered when it comes to the biggest trends and changes in housing.

There are a number of factors that drive the real estate news cycle, including interest rates as they impact the price and demand of real estate, home prices, and government policies and legislation, including tax incentives, deductions, and subsidies that can boost or hinder demand for real estate.

Industry professionals turn to HousingWire’s real estate news to learn about policy that is shaping lender and consumer activity, best practices being incorporated by leading industry professionals and agencies, and economic and market trends that are guiding strategies and opportunities for real estate and mortgageprofessionals.


Source: https://www.housingwire.com/category/real-estate/

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